“There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit.”
~ Small Plaque on President Reagan’s Oval Office desk

Immediate Actions:

As described in our Introduction and Report Card:

  • Build “war team” capacity;
  • Build bridges with more detailed policy-level communication domestically and internationally;
  • Publish a budget in May that reflects a coherent vision of the US role in the world and a reinvented national security infrastructure that can perform globally on an economic and productive basis;
  • Include in the budget a plan for identifying and returning the $11.5 trillion missing money and moving the federal credit and accounts into compliance with the law;
  • Invest the time to convert the Cabinet into a real team that can work with confidence – keep out the “divide and conquer” of Washington!
  • Make sure that your immediate team has the capacity to protect you from going the “piratization” route – keep Steve Bannon close.

Sugar Packet Goals:

When I worked in the federal government, I had a list of goals that I called my “sugar packet goals.” I could write a summary of them on a sugar packet with tiny print and keep them secret – no one ever knew them.

If I were in President Trump’s shoes, the following seven items would be my sugar packet goals. I would be looking for continuous opportunities over a 4-to-8-year period to integrate them into the daily flow of speeches and communications, legislation, regulation, and budgets.

1. Enforce the Constitution

The law requires that monies cannot be spent unless appropriated by the Congress and reported. The US government needs to comply with these provisions, including publishing audited financial statements, and highly graphical and accessible budgets, financial statements and program information by county – place-based financial statements. This requirement would include detailed GIS disclosure of all federal financial assets and liabilities such as mortgage insurance policies and foreclosed properties.

Enforcing the Constitution includes not allowing it to be torn up – the President needs to educate the country about the importance of enforcing the Constitution as opposed to changing it. He needs to ensure that a Constitutional Convention is not convened.

2. Integrate the Budget

If we are going to recognize the $20 trillion in debt on the federal balance sheet, then we need to recognize the assets. How much money went missing through $11.5 trillion in undocumentable adjustments and where did it go? An ownership interest needs to be successfully asserted over those assets and the resulting incomes. The contractors and banks that processed unconstitutional and illegal transactions need to be held financially liable and those funds and equity interests must be returned to the US Treasury.

3. Return Sovereignty to Core Financial Operations

All critical financial management, information, and payment functions in the federal government must be returned to the operational control of government employees who are part of the civil service. These people work in government agencies that are subject to audit and to Congressional oversight. They must be able to operate with privacy and with information which has not been compromised by private telecommunications, security, or banking firms.

4. Ensure Privacy

Americans require privacy in order to build financial equity. Currently, compromised digital systems – both telecommunications and energy systems – are being used to harvest the personal and financial data of US citizens. The federal government needs to regulate telecommunications and energy systems to ensure that its citizens’ privacy is not compromised by “surveillance capitalists.” It must ensure that all media is free of mind control, entrainment, and subliminal programming. The creation of addictions (including imprudent spending) via technological means must be disclosed and outlawed.

5. Stop Government-Sponsored Organized Crime

Halt organized crime activities by the US government, intelligence agencies, military and related contractors, including narcotics trafficking, human and child trafficking, sex slave operations, entrapment, and mind-control operations designed to create and maintain control file systems, as well as electronic torture and harassment and human torture and experimentation.

6. Encourage Local Regulatory and Contract Relief

Encourage counties and local municipalities to apply for place-based waivers. This will permit local agencies to re-engineer and optimize federal monies within a place and to opt out of unnecessary regulations and administrative requirements subject to stated performance criteria.

Provide sufficient transparency on contract budgets and opportunities so that consortiums of local businesses can successfully “de-centralize” government functions. This will improve returns on taxpayer dollars by lowering costs or by lowering the cost of subsidizing the unemployed.

Allow counties to opt out of federal securities laws and regulations limiting crowdfunding or early venture capital for non-accredited investors that limit the creation of liquid local equity markets and exchanges.

7. Reduce Federal Reserve & GSE Power

Solari Report subscribers are well versed in the harm caused by central control and debasement of our currency. Here is where we need to start:

  • Require federal audits of the Federal Reserve System and banks;
  • Require the Fed to provide detailed public transparency requiring its debt issuance and purchases as well as contractors and information sharing with members and contractors;
  • Return currency issuance to the US Treasury and permit local communities to use local currencies and gold and silver for local transactions of goods and services;
  • Remove tax restrictions that limit the use of gold and silver as currency;
  • Encourage states to create gold and silver depositories and remove tax restrictions on the use of gold and silver as a currency;
  • Require detailed disclosure by Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and other government corporations and guaranty funds of their financial assets, liabilities, and financial statements.

With an 80% or better consensus and approval rating in the polls, the President of the United States can implement significant change. With a 40% rating, he can do very little.

The question for all of us is “How can we create an 80% consensus?” We must, because that’s how we can get things done. Otherwise, our inability to create a powerful consensus for change will allow the rich and powerful to get things done their way. As a result, we will pay the taxes, assume the responsibility for the debt and liabilities, and they will get the assets.

Indeed, that’s how we got into this mess in the first place.