“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding”
~ Proverbs 4:7

We have covered the Trump election, transition and new administration closely. That coverage also draws on many economic concepts and insights I have talked about that inform what is happening today. Here are videos and links to help you access our coverage and related materials.


The following videos include:

  • Clips from the Solari Report Just a Taste series
  • Interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Solari Report Special Reports



The Criminalization of America[/one_third][one_third]
American Suicide[/one_third][one_third_last]
Can America Be Great Again?[/one_third_last]


Unpacking Your Financial Ecosystem[/one_third][one_third]
Political Control and Pedophilia[/one_third][one_third_last]
The Deep State and Trump Budget Politics[/one_third_last]


The Exchange Stabilization Fund[/one_third][one_third]
Washington’s Russia Meltdown[/one_third][one_third_last]
Seeking US-China Balance[/one_third_last]


Red Button Story[/one_third][one_third]
What is the Popsicle Index?[/one_third][one_third_last]
The Economic Truth About US Healthcare[/one_third_last]


The Black Budget[/one_third][one_third]
Federal Finances and Law[/one_third]

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