Titanic Turners: The Titanic Turners are people who rise to the challenge. They understand that grabbing a first class cabin and the best chairs on the Titanic will do them no good if the ship sinks. They decide to exercise leadership and try turning the ship. They tend to see things whole and are focused on the mission. Titanic Turners think big.


Piggies: Piggies start their day with one consistent question, “What about ME?” They think small and selfishly. As government debt and corruption ballooned, Piggies have done much better than Titanic Tuners. Indeed, the more money they made, the more they were admired. For years, Titanic Turners have had to listen to why Piggies are smarter and better than they are. Indeed, there are plenty of very intelligent and resourceful Piggies – for themselves! The question is whether or not they can become Titantic Turners. They add a lot of top heavy, unnecessary overhead.


Scaredy Cats know well how often the mob attacks without intelligence and discretion and how taking responsibility in the midst of corruption and danger is risky business. They want to make sure they get a lifeboat and are far away when (and if) the ship goes down. One of the things that turns people into Scaredy Cats is a control file and related legal, financial and physical threats against themselves and their families. They feel they have no options other than to do what they are told regardless of their legal, personal and fiduciary obligations.


Scorpions are a serious problem. Remember the story of The Scorpion and the Frog? Scorpions lack empathy and lack the sensibilities of Piggies who often take some care not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Scorpions get their jollies from war, suffering, death and destruction. Their advantage is that most people cannot fathom that a human being can be this devoid of empathy or common sense. But they can be! There is no point trying to encourage Scorpions to support or become Titanic Turners. You want to keep Scorpions away from the real power lines or there will be serious trouble.